Soil Moisture & Temp Sensor

New! SM300 Sensor measures soil moisture AND temperature

Cambridge, UK –?? The new SM300 from Delta-T Devices Ltd offers outstanding performance in both normal and saline soil conditions, and is stable across wide ranges of temperature and salinity. Its construction uses industrial grade connectors and high specification materials throughout to produce a soil moisture sensor of outstanding quality.

For water content measurement the SM300 offers research grade accuracy of ??2.5%.

The built-in temperature sensor simplifies soil temperature measurement and achieves ??0.5??C accuracy.

Engineered for reliability and high performance, the SM300 is well suited to both research and agricultural applications.

The SM300 is a dual purpose probe – it can be used both with the HH2 Meter for instant readings, or left in-situ for continuous monitoring with a data logger.

SM300 improvements
The SM300 incorporates the following improvements over the earlier SM200 design:

* Improved ??2.5% accuracy
* Temperature sensor included
* White body to reduce solar heating effects
* Robust M12 connectors and cabling

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