TempGenius™ reliable industrial Wireless Temps Monitoring Platform

Temp, RH, DeltaP & more

Landover, MD, USA & Malvern, VIC, Australia — TempGenius™ is the leading and dedicated company offers highest quality wireless data loggers ideal to meet your variant specifications.

There are numerous monitoring systems which are pertinent to meet the different needs of different industries.

You can preserve as well condition on remote location as you want using such automated monitors. Temperature monitoring and logging is vital in many manufacturing processes and different departments of different industries.

These monitoring devices are really helpful to ensure that remote location is safe for perishable goods and valuables.

If you are really concerned for unwanted changes in environment then this is time to take advantage from the highly automated temperature monitors.

  • In the semi conductor industry rooms and production processes must be kept at a constant temperature to ensure quality. At such locations temperature data loggers are indispensable.
  • In brick kilns wireless data loggers are used in ovens to ensure bricks are cured through right temperatures.
  • In remote temperature monitoring, TempGenius provide wide selection of devices which are just pertinent to fulfill your variant specifications.

To use such monitors is quite easy and quick process and you can use them anywhere to ensure safety in environment.

Perishable goods like food stuffs can often be in transit and that may take several hours or even days by road.

Temperature loggers can be used to check if goods in refrigerated trucks have been stored at the right temperature throughout the journey.

In several nations and industries it is now a requirement to have temperature loggers installed in trucks used for transporting livestock.

For the best standard of highly automated and smarter wireless data loggers, TempGenius™ provides exceptional solutions ideal to meet your diverse specifications.

To know more about wireless data loggers you can visit TempGenius™ at: http://www.tempgenius.com and review our several videos at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7erdycan2kU.

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We offer wireless monitoring systems, data logging, monitoring hardware, wireless monitoring software, and services under our family of brands that include HyGenius™ handwashing systems for healthcare and foodservice, FloGenius™ beverage monitoring systems, and TempGenius™ wireless monitoring systems.

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