Video Demonstrates Benefits of Controlled Nucleation

ContoLyo Nucleation On-Demand
ContoLyo Nucleation On-Demand

Stone Ridge NY, USA –?? SP Scientific has broadcast a new video that demonstrates how ControLyo ??? Nucleation On-demand Technology can be used to control the nucleation of a product during freezing, such that the entire product nucleates at the same time and in the same way.

Using an example of freeze drying samples in vials the video ( illustrates how ControLyo??? Technology enables the freezing step to be much more repeatable and allows potentially greater control over cycle optimization.

SP Scientific has signed a license agreement with Praxair, Inc. to utilize Praxair’s ControLyo??? Nucleation On-demand Technology, which provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with precise control over the freeze-drying process for drug developmental efforts.

This breakthrough technology was developed to specifically control the freezing step of lyophilization.

Freeze drying (also known as lyophilization) is a method of drying products whereby the material is frozen (made chemically inactive) and then placed under vacuum while energy, in the form of heat, is added so that the ice sublimates (goes directly from a solid to a vapour without entering the liquid stage) thus rendering the product stable at elevated temperatures.

Until now, the freezing step of lyophilization was uncontrolled due to the random nature of the nucleation or crystal-forming process.

Praxair’s new ControLyo??? technology now makes nucleation control a reality by regulating the nucleation temperature to within 1 ??C of its freezing point. The results are improved product uniformity, quality and yield.

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