New Delhi, INDIA — iAdept Marketing???? in collaboration with TECHNO AC, Russia brings the state-of-art Water Leak Detection System???? for tracking water leakage in pipes up to a depth of 6 meters.

With 17 years of experience, TECHNO-AC specializes in development and production of the newest devices and leading technologies on tracing buried utilities and exact finding of their defect locations.

These instruments are used for searching leak location, tracing of loaded and dead cables, metal and non-metal pipelines, for accurate temperature and humidity measurement, for energy inspection.

Set of acoustic leak detector portable with a passive detection cables “Success ATP-404” is designed to:
– Leak detection fluids, heat transfer fluids in pipelines located at a depth of 6 meters in the channel strip and non-ducted
-Detection of power cables under tension, a passive method upto depth of 6m

The kit consists of Receiver AP-015, Electromagnetic sensor,Acoustic sensor,Headphones and Optional equipment

The equipment works in two modes :

1) Tracing Mode – to find energized cables, pipeline under cathode protection and under induced radiation

2) Leak Detection Mode – to find mechanical vibration caused due to leakage.


Acoustic portable water leak detector SUCCESS ATP-404 with the function of passive detection of energized cables is used for:

1. Leakage detection in pipes located at the depth of 6 meters in channel laying and in non-channel laying,
2. Detection of power alive cables by passive method at the depth of 6m

Features :

*?? Specially designed for water distribution pipelines
*???? free choice of parameters of the filter adjustment for reduction of surrounding noise
*???? the excellent sound acceptable even for search of small leaks
*???? analog graphic and digital indication of the noise level of the leak
*??????storage of the maximum value with its indication on the analog indicator
*?? LCD-Display
*?? Extremely small size and weight of the receiver
*?? Does not require constant monitoring display

Other Variants Available for :

1.Leak Detection in Underground pressurized Steel & Cast iron , Plastic Piping
2.Leak Detection in Depressurized pipelines
3.Leak detection in Heat and Oil supply pipelines
4.Leak Detection before Excavation of Survey Area and more

iAdept Marketing specializes in offering testing instruments and equipment that can efficiently monitor the health of machinery for increasing productivity. Their offerings include supply of testing equipment and instruments, services of analyzing/detecting machine defects as well as training our clients in related technologies. Theye have also started offering products & services related to Environmental/Human Vibration & Noise, Physiology and Ergonomics.

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  1. We wanted to have our 17km long underground water pipeline, pre-stresed cement pipeline,for monitoring/ locating leaks. Service required wich will be followed by procurement of the Instrument.Pls. contact immediately

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