Explosion Proof Portable Day/Night Infrared Camera

Larson Electronics’ 1080p Analog Portable IR Camera

Explosion Proof 1080p Analog Portable Observation Camera - Day/Night Infrared KEMP, TX, USA — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Larson Electronics has announced the release of an explosion proof analog portable observation camera with a day/night infrared LED array. This 1080p infrared inspection camera, Model EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227, is operated remotely from a centralized control room and has a fixed lens configuration with a 3.6 mm 90° lens to capture large areas.

The EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227 is a durable explosion proof camera that enables operators to see live feed from inside tanks, reactors, vessels or other hazardous observation locations, from a centralized control room.

The remote observation not only saves time and money but protects workers from having to enter hazardous locations.

The EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227 1080p analog camera features an infrared LED array to allow for low light and up to 50-feet of nighttime visibility with an automatic switchover to IR mode when light goes below the present level.

The infrared cutoff filter removal transmits images with zero latency to HD resolution through a customer-provided metal clad coax cable connected to remote mount DVR systems.

The EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227 camera itself features one lux sensitivity, built-in color CCD camera with a 1/3-inch CCD sensor and a two-wire transmitter. The camera lens has a viewing angle between 28? and 60? with a minimum lens-to-object distance of 3.15 inches.

The EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227 operates on 120/240V AC 50/60 Hz universal voltage and includes terminal strips.

The EXPCMR-ALG-1080P-1227 housing is made of pressure-resistant 316 stainless-steel and weighs just under 4.5 pounds – conveniently lightweight and comes with an adjustable flat surface bracket and two screw for easy mounting.

More online at: https://www.larsonelectronics.com/p-153144-explosion-proof-1080p-analog-portable-observation-camera-daynight-infrared-sight-glass-mount.aspx

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