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Scott Pruitt’s got 170 problems | Trump’s not one

Did the EPA borrow its latest PR strategy ...Online — Congressional Democrats have been keeping an eye on the embattled EPA administrator, and they aren’t happy with what they’ve seen.

On Wednesday, New Mexico Senator Tom Udall and Florida Representative Kathy Castor introduced a resolution to kick Pruitt out.

It was signed by 131 representatives and 39 senators — the most senators to call for the removal of a cabinet official in U.S. history.

If you need any inspiration for insults, the press release about the resolution has plenty.

Udall called him “the emperor of the swamp.”

Castor said: “There is a slime problem at the EPA — and it is coming from the administrator’s office.”

Read the full article on GRIST. org by Kate Yoder online at: https://grist.org/briefly/scott-pruitts-got-99-problems-but-trump-aint-one/.

The full text of the resolution Resolution Calling on Resignation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt” can be found HERE.

The full list of Senate cosponsors can be found HERE and the full list of House cosponsors can be found HERE.

ED NOTE: Of course, it all has to do with denial of science, Global warming and climate change influences, reversing decades of responsible environmental regulations and misuse of power. But, what else is news worthy in this situation? It’s why we choose to re-post the news of weirdness as it relates to science and climate as we find it. Perhaps by the time our web server publishes this note and April 26, Mr Pruitt will be gone from government services.