The iPhone X’s notch is basically an infrared Kinect

An Infrared Spot Position Mapper, NOT a Temp Scanner

a phone with a front-facing depth camera.Online  — “…Apple is going to sell a phone with a front-facing depth camera.” (Known now as the iPhone X)

“Unlike the original Kinect (Microsoft) which was built to track motion in a whole living room, the sensor is primarily designed for scanning faces and powers Apple’s Face ID feature.

“Apple’s “TrueDepth” camera blasts “more than 30,000 invisible dots” and can create incredibly detailed scans of a human face.”

“In fact, while Apple’s Animoji feature is impressive, the developer API behind it is even wilder:

“Apple generates, in real time, a full animated 3D mesh of your face, while also approximating your face’s lighting conditions to improve the realism of AR applications.”

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