Magnalight RL-85-10W1 Infrared Night Vision Spotlight

The Magnalight RL-85-10W1-IR Infrared LED Pistol Grip Spotlight
The Magnalight RL-85-10W1-IR Infrared LED Pistol Grip Spotlight

KEMP TX, USA –/PRNewswire/ — The Magnalight RL-85-10W1-IR handheld infrared spotlight from Larson Electronics was chosen as an Editor’s Choice product by Military Embedded Systems Magazine and will be featured in their Editors Choice Products column with the release of their July/August edition.

Designed primarily as a long range IR light source for night vision equipment used in covert military and law enforcement operations, the RL-85-10W1-IR offers uncommon power, range, and reliability in a compact and durable pistol grip design.

Capable of producing an infrared light beam reaching up to 1800 feet in length, the RL-85-10W1-IR infrared spotlight from Magnalight is an ideal addition to night vision systems employed by the military and federal/local law enforcement agencies.

Operating for up to 17 hours on a single 2 hour charge, this infrared spotlight is effective in improving the ability of night vision devices to produce fine details at extended ranges.

An ergonomic pistol grip shape provides good control under adverse conditions while the high impact nylon and machined aluminum construction provides excellent durability and lightweight operation. Lithium ion batteries provide 17 hours of run time without the need for complicated or impractical charging procedures.

This spotlight can be applied to older night vision systems by ordering the 850 nm IR wavelength version, or used with the latest GEN4 night vision systems by choosing the 940 nm configuration.

Chosen by Military Embedded Systems Magazine ??MMX to receive their editor’s choice product award, the RL-85-10W1-IR from Larson Electronics’ Magnalight will be featured in the magazines’ Editors Choice column in the July/August print and online editions.

“This IR LED handheld spotlight is designed for long range applications, where operators really need to see facial details and other fine area details at distance,” said Rob Bresnahan of Larson Electronics.

“The pistol grip form factor of this infrared illuminator is familiar, lightweight and highly durable. We also designed this infrared LED emitter to run more than 15 hours, so that war fighters can complete a mission on a single charge.”

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