The new Ventus-X from Lufft for extreme locations

Summer is ending & the cold season is approaching

VENTUS+XFellbach, Germany. —  Reason enough for the Lufft sensor company to introduce an upgraded version of the VENTUS ultrasonic wind sensor – the VENTUS-X.

The revised sensor VENTUS-X is equipped with an enhanced heater and is available from now on.

To get it market-ready, the Norwegian airport integrator Avinor put the VENTUS-X to the test last winter.

For the project they installed two units at two extreme sites in Norway. Both locations use to be very windy and are exposed to frequent snow showers in winter.

In spite of the adverse conditions, the two VENTUS-X models have delivered reliable wind data since their installation in the autumn of 2016.

The VENTUS-X measures air density, wind speed, wind direction, virtual temperature, as well as air pressure and delivers the data in real time.

Wind measurement is based on ultrasonic technology. Using a time-difference method, it is able to determine wind speed and wind direction.

It records minimum and maximum values and reports them both in scalar and vector form.

 – Further information about the VENTUS-Xwind sensor: to the product page.

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