Tuesday’s News Tips from the 96th AMS Annual Meeting

12 January 2016 | New Orleans, USA


Media are invited to attend these open press events at the 96th AMS Annual Meeting in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Events of interest for Tuesday January 12:

Global Events in 2015. Global Weather and Climate Extremes of 2015. An overview of noteworthy large-scale weather and climate anomalies in 2015, with a discussion of the resultant seasonal temperature and precipitation anomalies around the globe. 8:30 AM, Room 338/339

Drought Monitoring, Prediction, and Impacts, Part 1. From too much to loo little: A state-by-state assessment of the 2012 central U.S. drought. 8:30 AM, Room 245

Evolving the Warning Paradigm to Better Inform Individuals.

The NWS hazard simplification project: An update on the effort to improve hazard messaging. 9:15 AM, Room 255/257

Special Symposium on Hurricane Katrina. Progress in leveraging science, enhancing response and improving resilience.

8:30 AM-9:45 AM, Room 344

Mario Molina’s Research Not Only Led to the Solution for the Antarctic Ozone Hole, But it Led to the Solution for Global Warming Caused by Humans Since 1960. According to a longtime U.S. geophysicistozone depletion is the most likely cause of global warming. 11:30 AM, Room 343

Weather Warnings and Responses. Throwing caution to the wind: NWS wind products as perceived by a weather-savvy public. 11:45 AM, Room 333-334

Integrative Approaches to Understanding Extreme Temperature Risk II. Prevalence of heat-related fatalities in physical activities.  11:45 AM, Room 228/229

Building a WRN Through More Effective Communications. Better communication during severe weather to keep the public better informed. 2:15 PM, Room 255/257

Innovative Teaching Strategies in University Instruction focused on Earth System Science. Teaching the human relationship of our changing climate with AMS resources. 2:15 PM, Room 353

Innovations in Observing Tropical Cyclones and Aspects of Storm Surge. Progress in satellite tropical cyclone monitoring: Katrina and beyond. 1:45 PM, Room 344

Integrative Approaches to Understanding Extreme Temperature Risk III

Where to wear iButtons: Individual level temperature and humidity observations for public health surveillance. 1:45 PM, Room 228/229

Historical Perspectives on Climatology and Climate Change. Some perspectives on historical climatology, extreme events, and society. 2:15 PM Room 231/232

Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Energy. Comparison of solar power forecasting techniques. 4:15 PM, Room 354

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