How to accurately measure temperature for aluminium extrusion processes

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SPOT AL EQS Application PyrometerOnline  —  The popularity of AMETEKLand’s SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer, (Aluminium Extrusion, Quench and Strip) application pyrometer combined with the new SPOT Actuator has increased dramatically.

This is due to its ability to offer unprecedented, highly accurate process temperature measurements and intelligent product and process tracking to continuously monitor temperature and improve process and product quality.

Extrusion industries who produce lower quality profiles can increase production rates because their press speeds can now be increased.

The SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer, is the result of continuous product development, utilising the latest technologies, and lengthy site trials. 

It is  founded on AMETEK Land manufacturing expertise in aluminium application pyrometers since the early 1990’s. In the late 1990’s a second generation of AMETEK Land application pyrometers with improved processing was introduced, now followed by the current application specific SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer.

The user can select the desired mode of operation– E, Q or S – Extrusion, Quench or Strip – locally configured on the pyrometer or remotely using the integrated web server via TCP/ IP with a standard web browser or directly connected to the PLC. The SPOT AL EQS, Aluminium Application Pyrometer measures an accurate product temperature for approximately 90% of all aluminium alloys, without the need for additional adjustments.

For special alloys, it is easy to enter a reference temperature bias, based on just one thermocouple reading into the pyrometer remotely.

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