CellaTemp PA – Video Camera


Ibbenb??ren, Germany — KELLER MSR has now developed a built-in video camera for their pyrometer series CellaTemp PA. The integrated camera features a very wide dynamic range with automatic light exposure and more.

Pyrometers (Radiation Thermometers or IR Thermometers) often feature through-the-lens sighting which enables precise alignment to the target and correct distance adjustment. The instrument will yield the most accurate temperature data when the optics have been properly focused.

For routine checks in difficult to access installations, a pyrometer with through-the-lens sighting is inconvenient. These instruments frequently come with a laser sighting option.

The disadvantage of a laser is that it indicates the centre of the target spot but not the exact size. Besides that, the laser spot is hard to see on light-coloured objects,and loses its intensity when used on high ambient temperature objects like hot steel in a rolling mill.

At illuminance as low as low as 0.5 lx the video camera provides a sharp image, whether the target object is cold or hot.

Up to now, video cameras built into pyrometers featured a very limited dynamic range. These require various filters which adapt the image to cold or hot objects.

Another new feature is TBC (Target Brightness Control). This function enables the video camera to control the exposure based on the luminous intensity detected specifically within the pyrometer???s measurement area.

Other pyrometers which feature an integrated video camera will adjust the exposure based on the average intensity of light of within the entire field of view which includes the surrounding area.

A small, very hot target with high luminosity against a cold background will not cause the camera???s exposure control to overcompensate. With TBC, the actual target spot will always be a sharp, high-contrast image which can be viewed from the control room.

With this innovate camera, the temperature data can now be transmitted simultaneously along with the video signal. The monitor in the control room provides an image of the field of view, shows the actual target spot of the measurement, and simultaneously indicates the current temperature reading.

In the past, temperature readings were transmitted separately by means of a digital interface and special software merged this data with the corresponding image at a PC. Now any standard, commercially available video monitor or TFT-LCD TV screen with composite video signal input can be used.

With the high spatial resolution of 5.6 ??m/Pixel even tiny objects such as lamp filaments can be sharply imaged. The superior image quality can be achieved at ambient temperatures up to 65 ??C.

All 44 models of the CellaTemp PA Series serving a temperature range from 0 to 3000 ??C can be optionally equipped with an integrated video camera.


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