HEITRONICS Transfer Radiation Thermometer

SPIE DCS 2016 | Stand #347

SPIE_dsc16Wiebaden, Germany & Millington, NJ, USA — The HEITRONICS Transfer Radiation Thermometer (TRT) is for use as a Transfer Standard of the highest level at NMIs (National Metrological Institutes).

It provides a high quality accurate transfer of temperatures to user’s Black Body Radiators (BBRs), after the TRT is calibrated against NMI fixed-point Black Body Radiators.

For convenient and scientific use at the TRT, the user has access to the major features and values at the TRT by using PC-based software.

Temperature Ranges and Spectral Ranges:

TRTIV.82The HEITRONICS Transfer Radiation Thermometer TRT IV.82 covers the temperature range of -50 °C to 1000°C.

The temperature range of -50 °C up to 1000 °C is related to the spectral response of 8 – 14 µm.

The spectral responses will be provided with the delivery and the manual of the instruments.

Other models are available as are custom designs.

Visit Heitronics at Stand # 347 at SPIE DSC 2016 in Baltimore 19-21 April 2016.

HEITRONICS means systems and solutions for non-contact temperature measurement from -100°C TO 3000°C. Their technologies include both measurement devices, applications knowledge. calibration excellence and international service and support.

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