Intrinsically Safe Bunsen Burner

Gains Wide Market Acceptance
fireboy_8CHUR, Switzerland — INTEGRA Biosciences AG has reported strong market acceptance of its DVGW certified FIREBOY intrinsically safe Bunsen burner in the year since its launch.

Dr Ernst Freydl, Marketing Director of INTEGRA Biosciences, commented, “Customers have responded remarkably precise to the new FIREBOY features – they highlighted the advanced safety features, ease of handling, portability and independence from an installed gas distribution system as key reasons for replacing their traditional Bunsen burner systems.”

He added, “Interest in our recent monthly prize draw to win a new FIREBOY Plus system was intense, with winners coming from the USA, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.”

One lucky winner – Ludovic Ritter, a scientist working at CIBA (Switzerland) stated, “The FIREBOY was a real discovery. Compared to our old Bunsen burners, it’s a tremendous improvement in reliability, efficiency and last but not least in safety!”

Mr Ritter uses his FIREBOY system mostly to analyse the solubility of liquid and solid chemicals heated up in test tubes.

The new FIREBOY is proven to ensure high safety by eliminating the risk of gas leaking and explosion inherent in using traditional Bunsen burners.

Advanced temperature protection, flame monitor and alarm display features serve to protect both the operator and operating environment.

Gas ignition is both rapid and safe – the FIREBOY requires no lighter or matches. With the FIREBOY the gas supply flows and the flame ignites only if consciously activated by the operator.

The new FIREBOY offers labs a choice of flame ignition via a hands-free infrared optical sensor, a foot switch or a button.

To prevent unignited gas leakage, the FIREBOY automatically tries to reignite the flame if it accidentally extinguishes. Should it for any reason fail to do so, the unit will interrupt the gas supply. An automatic shut off after a user-defined maximum burning time, eliminates any danger if the unit is unintentionally left on.

Consequently the new FIREBOY, unlike traditional Bunsen burners, minimises the consumption of gas and electricity in air-conditioned laboratories and so reduces heat build-up making the laboratory a more pleasant place to work.

Operating from a wide range of gas cartridges – the battery powered FIREBOY can be used whereever you wish, eliminating the need for connection to an installed gas distribution system.

With no interfering cables or tubes the ‘hands-free’ FIREBOY is extremely easy-to-use.

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