Keller MSR Introduces CellPort Series

For quick, accurate non-contact temperature measurement 0 ??? 3000 ??C (32 – 5432 ??F)

Screen Shot CellaPortIbbenb??ren-Laggenbeck, Germany –?? With 10 models, 7 single waveband and 3 two-colour, the CellaPort series covers all industrial applications where an accurate instrument for non-contact temperature measurement is required.

It is based on a modular concept consisting of the following components: optics, aperture, sensor and signal processing, data output and sighting aid.

reen Shot cut-away view
Cut-away View of Construction

The optical system (1) comes with one of the five available lenses.

The selection depends on the target size and measuring distance of the application. It is infinitely adjustable to ensure superior precision across a wide focusing range.

The aperture (2) determines the shape of the measuring field. The circle is the standard shape. For two-colour models, a rectangular target is available.

The sensor (3) receives the infrared energy emitted by the object to measure.

There is no moving parts that guarantees a long working life and no maintenance operation. One and two-colors models are available.

The CellaPort???s signal processing (4) is based on the latest technology. Signal conditioning combined with high resolution analogue-to-digital conversion enables a wide measuring span.

The temperature resolution remains uniformly high across the entire measuring range. The temperature reading (5) is displayed on the LED screen and sent through the USB output. The parallax free reflex sighting and the ocular (6) ensure a perfect aim, focus and exact measuring area.

Alternatively, a laser module can replace the ocular for long distance alignment.

Thanks to the aluminum housing, the CellaPort is designed for extreme industrial environments.


  • Windows-supported graphic user interface
  • Full-screen temperature/time graph displayed in real time
  • Min/max temperature analysis
  • Record and archive data for later analysis
  • Zooming function
  • Trend display
  • Manual or automatic data storage
  • Remote pyrometer configuration from a PC terminal

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