KT19.XX II: Multispectral IR Thermometer

The emittance/absorbance of electromagnetic radiation plays an important role for the thermal interaction of various materials with the environment.

Heitronics KT19.XX II Multispectral IR Thermometer

Wiesbaden, GERMANY — For this purpose, HEITRONICS Infrarot Messtechnik GmbH has developed a broad band radiation pyrometer with cost-effective mirror optics, Model KT19.XX II: Multispectral IR Thermometer.

Its spectral band covers the range from 0.6 ??m in the visible to 39 ??m in the far infrared region.

This broad spectral range can be narrowed down by inserting standard or custom tailored filters.

Up to 8 different filters are recognized by the instrument and their calibration data are automatically loaded during the initialization.

A viewfinder enables the user to watch the object during the measurement and acts as an aiming device.

Alternatively the incorporated pilot laser can be used for this purpose.

Key Features of KT19.XX II:

  • Full Spectral Range: 0.6…39 ??m
  • Up to 8 interchangeable Filters
  • Wavelength Independent Field of View
  • Temperature Range: 0???3000 ??C

Ask your HEITRONICS specialist at exhibition (Hannover Fair 2014 – Industrial Automation) or directly:

More details online at: www.heitronics.com/en/infrarot-messtechnik/produkte/high-end-pyrometer/kt19-series-mk-ii/kt19-series-mark-ii/types/

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