Review: LASRZ LT550 Shows Great Features in Low-cost IRTs

Comfort Grip | Easy Controls | Backlit Screen

LASRZ LT550 package
LASRZ LT550 package

Online — A newcomer to the low-cost handheld Infrared Thermometer scene is dubbed the LASRZ by its US Supplier from Warner Robbins, Georgia.

This smooth new devices focuses on its laser pointer but hides the multitude of its design features from clear sight – it’s a great little gadget at a very reasonable price.

It’s a tiny bit smaller than the venerable MiniTemp but so much smoother that one feels right at home with it the moment you pick it up.

The controls are handy, the backlit display clear and easy to read and the features are many.

We compared both the features and the apparent calibration accuracy with three devices, the Minitemp, the LASRZ and the familiar ThermaTwin under identical conditions, side-by-side.

All were excellent, but the LASRZ stood out.

Minitemp, LASRZ & ThermaTwin
Minitemp, LASRZ & ThermaTwin Reading the Same Target in the Same Ambient Conditions

First, under identical conditions it read slightly higher than the others, but its emissivity setting was a bit lower.

Still, all were within the accuracy specification of each device maker’ s claims.

The LASRZ is an excellent update to the low-cost, handheld Infrared Thermometer marketplace..

It packs a ton of features into an 180 gram package with a backlit screen, ability to record the last 30 Max readings, a High/Low settable Alarm all with adjustable emissivity setting.

It even comes with its own 9 v battery and belt-holder case!

It ships from (fulfilled by for less than $36 USD.

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