NEPS Advantage dry gas purge equipment


Online — AGM Container Controls leads in the design and fabrication of products that control and monitor moisture (dry gas purge systems, desiccators, humidity indicators), pressure and vacuum changes (breather valves) and shock and vibration (tie downs, shock overload indicators).

These products are used for a variety of applications in defense and aerospace, electronic, electro-optical, industrial and commercial markets to protect and extend the life of critical equipment.

AGM’s environmental control hardware protects missiles, munitions, electro-optics, electronics and various other military and industrial equipment from the deleterious effects of humidity, pressure, vacuum, dust, shock and vibration during storage, shipment and use. AGM products include: Breather Valves, Pressure Relief Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves, Immersion Proof Breathers, Desiccators, Desiccant Breathers, Humidity Indicators, Records Holders, Access Ports, Impact Indicators and Data Loggers, Tie Down Straps and Tie Down Shelving

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