Screen Shot EX_Series BB Calibrator

Franklin Lakes NJ, USA –?? Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) has announced the addition of three new extended area blackbody models to their precision blackbody calibration source line.

Sales Manager, Scott Nagle said, ???The EX series of extended area blackbody sources deliver the high uniformity and accuracy demanded for precision calibration of thermal imaging camera/detector systems.

“Their excellent stability, fast slew rate, sensitivity and uniformity set the highest standards for blackbody performance.???

This versatile, yet unique product series includes three Models:

BBS230-EX, BBS350-EX and BBS500-EX.

PSC extended area blackbody sources offer larger target areas with IR emission characteristics for thermal imaging detectors and cameras. All the extended area sources are flat plate emitters with special high emissivity coating that provides an average of 0.96 emissivity.

In addition, they are rugged enough to be used outdoors. Both IEEE-488 and RS232 serial interfaces are included as standard equipment, allowing greater flexibility for integration into automated test systems.

The precision EX series has been designed to retain accuracy over a wide range of temperatures:

  • BBS230-EX: Ambient to 230 ??F,
  • BBS350-EX: Ambient to 350 ??F and
  • BBS500-EX: Ambient to 500 ??F.

All three models feature a 12″ x 12″ emitter area.

Their rapid response times, low acoustical noise level and ease of operation make them ideal for both laboratory and field use. Ideal for target acquisition systems, the EX series with high edge-to-edge uniformity provides ideal scene simulation of military targets.

The large emitter area simplifies location of targets under simulated battleground conditions.

Detailed specification information can be found at

Process Sensors Corporation is a private company with a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters located in Milford MA, USA. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of non-contact temperature measurement instruments, thermal imaging cameras, blackbody calibration sources and moisture measurement instruments. Technical and application support is provided worldwide through direct, regional and sales representative offices.



  1. Through the Internet I found your business. In our group TNO CBRN Protection, we are engaged in standoff detection.
    For this we want to make a test setup in which we need a black body. The blackbody 12 “x12” EXTENDED AREA BLACK BODY SOURCES could be a possibility.
    The size of the emission surface is not yet defined but will be about 8 to 20 inch. The temperature range is 80oC +- 50oC.
    In the test we will used a bolometer with IR band of 6-14?m.

    I would like to know if your black body may be suitable. And if so what was the delivery time and price.

    Awaiting your reply.

    With best regards,

    Rob Groeneveld

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