A New Application Standard in Infrared Gas Sensing

SGX Sensortech – INIR infrared gas sensors

inir infrared gas sensorCorcelles-Cormondreche, Switzerland — The INIR infrared sensor range from SGX Sensortech provides instrument manufacturers and instrument users with not only a full linearized, temperature compensated output but also with additional condensation compensation.

The hardware and firmware within the INIR infrared sensor detect the occurrence of condensation and reduce power up false alarms within wet applications and at the same time allowing trouble free gas detection within the wet application.

If you are a designer and manufacturer of either portable or stationary gas detection instrumentation, the SGX Sensortech INIR infrared sensor can provide you with a product fully capable of meeting your customers sensing needs.

Key benefits:

  • Superior resistance to humidity and condensation – the INIR infrared sensor is fitted with novel hardware and firmware to detect and compensate for optical occlusion from condensation.
  • Mechanical robustness – the INIR infrared sensor range uses a unique shock mounted infrared source which means that it is very resistant to mechanical shocks and vibration.
  • Simple usage – the SGX Sensortech INIR infrared sensors are supplied with calibrated auto ranging digital and analogue temperature compensated outputs.
  • Bus connectivity – Each INIR infrared sensor has a unique addressable code, when connected up to a multisensory bus enabling the user to communicate and
  • interrogate individual sensors to allow individual gas zone monitoring.
  • Gas versions – Methane, Carbon dioxide, Propane and Butane
  • Low operating power – the INIR series when operated constantly offers an average power consumption < 120 mW

Whether you are looking to design smaller instruments, increase operating run time or reduce overall cost of ownership, it is available in industry standard package, provided with full safety certification. you would like to learn more about the revolutionary technology included in the SGX Sensortech INIR infrared sensors or wish to see for yourself the performance you can achieve, then please contact one of our knowledgeable sales team or our network of local distributors for more information or samples for evaluation or visit their website at https://www.sgxsensortech.com/.

SGX Sensortech is a leading manufacturer of innovative sensors and sensing systems for gas and X-rays across a broad range of industrial and commercial markets.

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