New compact infrared thermometer for induction process

CellaTemp® PKL Series

KELLER-Compact Infrared Thermometer
KELLER MSR Compact Infrared Thermometer

Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, Germany — KELLER MSR is launching a new range of compact infrared pyrometers with LED sighting spot.

The CellaTemp PKLs is designed for induction heating process. Based on the latest technologies, it will bring you an easy, secure and reliable instrument for non-contact temperature measurement.

The CellaTemp® PKL series comes with an integrated LED spot light. The spot light is particularly indispensable for small measuring objects from Ø 1.2 mm as it helps to align the infrared thermometer to view the hot zone and to adjust the correct focal distance.

The special feature of the patented spot light is that it shows both the focal point and the exact position and true size of the measuring point.

It features a local display and all parameters can be settled directly on the device.

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