New compact infrared thermometer

CellaTemp PK Series

CellaTemp PK

Ibbenb??ren- Laggenbeck, Germany — KELLER MSR is launching a new range of compact infrared pyrometers.

The CellaTemp PKs cover a wide range of applications from 0 to +3000 ??C.

Based on the last technologies, a CellaTemp?? PK will bring you an easy, secure and reliable instrument for the non-contact temperature measurement.

The CellaTemp?? PK ??features a local display and all parameters can be settled directly on the device.

A unique combination of analogue and digital linearization features provides the CellaTemp?? PK with a high-resolution signal processing unit.

Therefore, even with wide measuring ranges, the sensor has a very high temperature resolution while its noise equivalent temperature difference is extremely low.

The pyrometer supplies stable measurement readings even when the response times are extremely short and the measured temperatures are very low.

Complete list of models.

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