New Cyclops As Transfer Standards

Checking Temperature at ~ 792 Degrees C in the Lab - Image: Land Instruments International, Ltd.

Dronfield, UK –?? The Land Instruments Cyclops Models 100B+ and 160B+ are the latest evolution in the Land Cyclops range of handheld Infrared Radiation Thermometers. They are visually very similar to any other Cyclops instrument.

However, additional work has gone into each of these instruments with updated firmware and a more rigorous calibration. The results are an instrument with the required stability to resolve temperatures in 0.1 ??C increments.

Couple one of these instruments with an optional UKAS certified calibration from Land’s in-house laboratory and you have a fully featured, certified transfer standard instrument for use in a calibration laboratory for non-contact infrared temperature sensors.

Cyclops instruments are a convenient and fully featured thermometer for calibration work making the new + models the perfect tool for any high temperature calibration laboratory.

Cyclops 100B+: Measurement range: 550 to 3000 ??C (Operating); 600 to 3000 ??C?? (Specified)
Cyclops 160B+: Measurement range: 200 to 1400 ??C (Operating); 200 to 1300 ??C (Specified)

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Using Cyclops as a transfer standard (From the Land website)

All Cyclops thermometers have proven themselves to be the ideal instrument for use as a calibration transfer standard. They are handheld, powered by battery and are ready to make measurements immediately after switch on (no warm-up time period).

High-resolution continuously focusable optics help to target the furnace sweet spot accurately, a tripod mount ensures you can keep everything steady.

Two models are available in the + series, the Cyclops 100B+(1 micron) and the Cyclops 160B+ (1.6micron).?? Any (non + series) Cyclops instrument can be certified for use as a transfer standard.

LAND specialise in the design and manufacture of infrared temperature measurement, process and thermal imaging, combustion efficiency and environmental emissions monitoring.

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