New Cyclops Portable IR Thermometers

Four New Models + New Logger Software

cyclopsLSheffield, UK — New features such as internal data logging, configurable route modes and custom software have been added to continue the Land Cyclops range of instruments as industry’s and research’s popular choice in portable, precision non-contact temperature measurement.

All models feature standard user-friendly “Bluetooth®” wireless communications or a USB connection for PCs or tablets

NEW Cyclops 100L Portable non-contact thermometer

The new Cyclops 100L is a best-selling,  general purpose, high temperature, portable, thermal infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 550 to 3000 °C/ 1022 to 5432 °F, in applications such steel, ceramics, glass plus other high temperature areas.


Two additional variants of the Cyclops 100L are also available called the 1F and 2F.  These indicate factory fitted filters for very bright measurement situations to help reduce the brightness level for user eye comfort.

The designation “1F” is for a single filter, “2F” for dual filters.

NEW Cyclops 055L Temperature Measurement of Liquid Metals

NEW Cyclops 055L Meltmaster is a dedicated high precision, portable non-contact thermometer, designed specifically for accurate temperature measurement of liquid metal in foundries and steel plants in the range 1000 to 2000 ??C / 1832 to 3632 ??F.

It is equally at home in the laboratory or the process plant.

The new Cyclops 160L is a general purpose, medium temperature, portable non-contact thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 200 to 1400 °C/ 392 to 2552 °F, in applications such secondary metals and steel processing, glass forming machines plus other “medium” temperature applications.

NEW Cyclops 390L – Measuring Furnace Temperatures

The unique features of the Cyclops 390L portable non-contact thermometer make it the ideal instrument for accurate non contact temperature measurements in hydrocarbon fueled furnaces where it can view through non-luminous products of combustion with minimum error.

Cyclops Logger Software
NEW Cyclops Logger Software  — The NEW Land Cyclops Logger Software enables its users to connect a Land Cyclops Portable thermometer to a personal computer or mobile device and view, analyse and record live temperature readings. Applications that require regular route measurements benefit greatly.

NOTE: The new software is compatible with existing B models, plus the new L models.

LAND Instruments International is a world leader in the design and application of infrared temperature measurement for industry. Land is known as both innovators and manufacturers of high quality precision radiation thermometers and thermometer systems; Land’s position is unrivaled with over 60 years experience in temperature measurement. Land products are used extensively in applications as diverse as steel, glass, electronics, mineral processing, power generation, utility and aircraft gas turbines, and a wide range of other industries. Ongoing development creates products for new applications and the continuous improvement of an expanding product range.

Land’s Infrared temperature measurement product range includes:

  • Fixed, on-line thermometers and systems – for process control and product quality
  • Portable infrared thermometers – for spot measurements
  • Process thermal imagers – for asset management and process control
  • High Resolution, infrared scanners for fast moving materials
  • Calibration Furnaces

LAND is part of the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc., a global supplier of high-end analytical instrumentation, with headquarters in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, USA.

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