NEW IR Temp Sensor Module

Better than 0.5 ??C repeatability in the range 0-50 ??C with Dexter Research’s MD Series

Dexter MI, USA — Dexter Research Center announces the availability of its new MD Series Temperature Sensor Module (TSM). The sensor is integrated with signal conditioning that reliably produces a calibrated temperature output in a plug and play package, with options.

Programmable outputs and flexible supplies yield a turnkey solution for medical, consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

The module has better than 0.5 ??C repeatability in the range 0-50 ??C and its standard calibration covers a wide temperature range; -40 to 85 ??C for ambient temperature and -70 to 310 ??C for object temperature.

On-chip Filtering and Settling Time
The TSM features configurable on-chip digital filters. They allow customization for speed or noise.
The evaluation board, MD-0004 supported by PC SW allows easy configuration of the filters, while not requiring in-depth understanding of the EEPROM

The TSM can be configured to behave as a thermal relay controlled by the object temperature from sensor #1.


??? Factory calibrated IR thermometer with linear digital output.
??? Small size TO-5 can, easy to integrate.
??? Low cost, competitive pricing.
??? Standard calibration in wide temperature ranges:
-40 to 85 ??C for ambient temperature.
-70 to 310 ??C for object temperature.
??? Better than 0.5 ??C repeatability in the 0-50??C range.
??? 0.02 ??C readout resolution possible.
??? High refresh rate.
??? Simple emissivity correction.
??? Continuous temperature readout through PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output.
??? 2-wire SMBus compatible interface for reading temperatures and reconfiguring the sensor.
??? Building block for sensor network with up to 100 thermometers.
??? High reliability and long-term stability.
??? Excellent ESD/EMC characteristics.
??? Available for 3 and 5 V applications. Easy to adapt for voltage sources from 6-24 V.
??? Power saving mode for battery operation.
??? Traceability through unique ID number in non-volatile memory.
??? Single thermometer version.
??? RoHS compliant.

Also available is the Temperature Sensor Module Evaluation Board. The board is designed to support the Temperature Sensor Module, quickly allowing customers to configure the Module for different temperature ranges, optics, etc. to find the best configuration to meet their application needs without the need to design any additional hardware.

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