New Fast Infrared Thermometer

For 2 ms non-contact temperature measurement in the 100 to 700 ??C range.
SANTA CLARA CA, USA – LumaSense Technologies, Inc. has released the IGA 320/23-LO, the fiber optic technology version of the proven and well-established IGA 320/23 infrared thermometer that helps customers control and optimize their manufacturing processes.

The IGA 320/23-LO is a small, short wavelength digital fast responging infrared thermometer with fiber optics for non-contact temperature measurement between 100 and 700 ??C for highly accurate low temperature measurement on metallic surfaces.

LumaSense offers different optics with the IGA 320/23-LO for optimal matching of the instrument to your specific application. The temperature range enables the measurement of various ???low temperature??? metal applications such as induction processes, soldering, tempering, annealing, welding, etc.

The small dimensions of the optics allow for easy integration into compact production machines.

In addition, the fast response time of 2 ms allows the measurement of fast processes and the advanced accuracy and repeatability of reliable measuring results.

Combined with the analytical software InfraWin, the IGA 320/23-LO paints a more-accurate picture for identifying potential issues before they lead to problems that impact process performance.

???Improving product quality and increasing production yield are always top priorities for any manufacturing process??? said Daniel Schueftan, Product Manager Pyrometry at LumaSense. ???The field proven accuracy and reliability of the IGA 320/23-LO, as well as the resistivity to high ambient temperatures and the immunity to electromagnetic interferences of the optical fiber and optical heads, provides additional benefits to our customer.???

Typical applications:

  • preheating
  • annealing
  • tempering
  • welding | forging | hardening
  • sintering
  • melting
  • soldering
  • brazing
  • rolling

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