New IR Temp Sensor for Semiconductors & Metals

Optional Touch Screen Temp Interface

Screen Shot PyroMini 0.9
Screen Shot PyroMini 0.9

Leighton Buzzard, UK?? –?? It is now possible to measure the temperature of reflective metals and semiconductors, as low as 350 ??C, at low cost and without contact.

The new PyroMini 0.9 infrared pyrometer can view into a vacuum chamber through a quartz or glass window, and measure the temperature of the surface of the silicon wafer.

Temperature ranges from 350 ??C to 2000 ??C are available, and the low-temperature 350 ??C to 800 ??C model opens up new opportunities for temperature monitoring and control in silicon wafer processing.

Stable and repeatable measurements can be taken continuously for long periods, with a fast response time of just 240 milliseconds.

With the optional MicroSD Card installed, over a year of data can be logged, even at the fastest sample rate of one reading per second.

The highest possible accuracy is provided by the PyroMini 0.9???s short-wavelength detector, which ensures that any error in emissivity setting or change in emissivity has the minimum effect on the measurement.

Miniature sensing head:

  • Dimensions 18 x 45 mm, stainless steel 316, sealed to IP65
  • Cable length of up to 30 m available

Electronics module with optional touch screen:

  • Large, bright temperature display
  • Visual alarm indication
  • Scrolling temperature graph
  • Full sensor configuration
  • Basic models available without a screen


  • Choice of 4-20 mA or RS485 Modbus output
  • 2 x alarm relays on touch screen models that could be connected to alarm equipment directly, without a separate trip amplifier

Accessories are available including mounting brackets, air purging and laser sighting.

Sensors and accessories are available to order now.

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