Easy-to-Use Highly Accurate Food Safety Instruments Ideal for Monitoring Critical Control Points Identified in HACCP Programs

FlashLink Mini Data Logger
FlashLink Mini Data Logger

PLEASANTON CA, USADeltaTRAK??, has announced the expansion of its food safety product line with multiple new food safety instruments including new loggers, thermometers and pH meters.

All the new products are easy to use and highly accurate making them ideal tools for monitoring critical control points identified in your company’s HACCP program. The new logger products announced are the FlashLink USB Reusable Data Logger with external probe and the FlashLink USB In-Transit Tanker Logger.

These new loggers join the recently announced FlashLink Mini Data Logger in DeltaTRAK’s comprehensive USB logger family.
New thermometers being introduced are the ThermoTrace Combo Infrared/Thermocouple thermometer, a DeltaTRAK Glycol thermometer, the DeltaTRAK Grill thermometer and the ThermoTrace Infrared Gun thermometer. The company also announced its newest ISFET pH meter.

“The new Food Safety Modernization Act includes the requirement that each food production facility implement a written preventive control plan,” said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTRAK.

“These new tools will allow customers to more easily monitor and document their critical control points as a part of those plans.”

The new FlashLink USB Resusable data logger with external probe is an IP67 waterproof rated and NIST and CE Mark certified logger which comes with either a blunt tip or needle tip probe for monitoring product as it is transported throughout the cold chain.


The new FlashLink USB In-Transit Tanker Logger is a USB logger with an extended sensor on a 3 meter cable. The probe is weighted down and designed to be used for monitoring liquids in a tanker truck.

Also announced today is DeltaTRAK’s Certified Alarm Thermometer is a single channel glycol digital thermometer which features an external sensor encased in a plastic bottle filled with a propylene glycol solution that is classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) attached to the thermometer by a three meter wire.

The glycol probe can be used within the food industry to monitor refrigerator, freezer or display cases for accurate temperature measurements that are not impacted by rapid temperature fluctuations caused by frequent door openings.

DeltaTRAK is also introducing two new infrared thermometers.

The ThermoTrace Infrared Gun Thermometer and the ThermoTrace Combo Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer use infrared technology to read surface temperature.

The ThermoTrace Combo Infrared/Thermocouple Thermometer is a combination of an infrared reader with a folding probe for reading internal core temperatures.


The company’s new Grill Surface Thermometer is a dual scale NSF certified thermometer with an easy-to-read dial. It is designed for monitoring the temperature of cooking surfaces such as flat top grills, griddles and barbecue grills. It can also be used on holding tables and carving station warmers.


The DeltaTRAK Pocket ISFET pH Meter is a portable low cost pH meter for taking quick reads of foods, especially liquids and other samples. It uses an Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) sensor and registers both pH and temperature on its LCD display.


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DeltaTRAK?? is a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions and bacteria detection technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s cold chain management solutions include a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pH monitoring and recording devices, such as data loggers, wireless systems, and a variety of professional thermometers. DeltaTRAK’s bacterial contamination detection solutions include cutting-edge bacterial enzyme detection technology for field testing of water, equipment and surfaces. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, DeltaTRAK has an R&D facility in San Diego, California, a manufacturing and distribution facility in Modesto, California, and an electronic assembly plant in Shenzhen, China. Contact DeltaTRAK by phone at 1-800-962-6776 or by email at

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