New Omega?? Mini IR Temp Sensor

Packed with exciting new features!

OS-MINIStamford CT, USA?? –?? Omega’s new OS-Mini miniature sensing head measures just 18 x 45 mm (0.71 x 1.8″), making it ideal for mounting in tight spaces.

A high ambient version is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 180 ??C (356 ??F) without water or air cooling, allowing significant energy and cost savings to be made.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel and sealed to IP65, the Omega OS-Mini sensing head is ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications among many others. A wide selection of optics allows the Omega??OS-Mini to focus on small or large targets at short or long distances.

The special low-noise interconnecting cable is resistant to interference from movement, making the OS-Mini sensing head ideal for mounting on robot arms.

It can be supplied in lengths from 1 to 30 m (3.3 x 98′).

The electronics module is also available with a number of different options. The backlit touch screen interface provides a large, bright display of the measured temperature in digital format and a graph view that shows the history of the measured temperature.

It also enables full configuration of the sensor including temperature range setting between -20 to 1000 ??C (-4 to 1832 ??F), adjustable filtering, peak or valley hold processing, emissivity setting and reflected energy compensation.

Some features of the Miniature Sensing Head and Configurable Electronics Module

??? Screen Color Change Indicates Alarm Mode
??? Optional Touch Screen for Temperature Indication and Configuration,
??? Optional High- Ambient Sensing Head Withstands Up to 180 ??C (356 ??F) Without Cooling
??? Adjustable Emissivity Setting on All Models??? Suitable for a Wide Range of Target Materials Such as Paper, Plastics, Food, Painted Surfaces, and Many More
??? Optional Data Logging to MicroSD Card on Touch Screen Models

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