NEW PyroCube Precision Infrared Temperature Sensor

PyroCube with outstanding precision from Calex

PyroCube  & Digital Display

Leighton Buzzard, England  —  Calex’s newest infrared temperature sensor (and their most amazing yet!), the PyroCube has a super-fast 10 millisecond response time, and can measure a spot as small as 1.6 mm.

The red LED sighting precisely shows where the sensor is aimed, and the size of the area being measured.

Red light continuously illuminates the area of measurement, showing precisely where the sensor is aimed.

The light spot is the same size as the measurement area, and measurements can be taken at the same time – the light does not affect the accuracy of the reading.

Extremely Fast Response Time

The response time of 10 milliseconds means it is now possible to individually measure the temperature of very small objects on fast-moving production lines.

The averaging function allows the output to be slowed down for general-purpose use.

Tiny Measured Spot

PyroCube measuring cable
PyroCube measuring cable

A choice of precise optics allows a spot as small as 1.6 mm to be measured. Very narrow cables and small electronic components can now be individually measured.

The sensor can view through very narrow holes to view the target beyond, such as the rotor of an electric motor.

Touch Screen

The optional touch screen interface with a backlit display provides a bright indication of the measured temperature.

Two alarm relay outputs are included, and the intuitive interface allows full configuration of the sensor’s settings.

An optional MicroSD Card allows easy data logging with years of storage capacity.

It is easy to measure the temperature of most surfaces using the PyroCube, including painted materials, thick plastics, food products, rubber, bulk materials and paper.

How to Order

PyroCube sensors and touch screen interface modules are available now from Calex and our distributors worldwide.

To find out more, see , call Simon Lane or Anthony Smith on +44 (0) 1525 373178, or email

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