NEW Raynger 3i Plus Series Infrared Thermometers

Plus a New Mobile iOS App From Raytek

Raynger?? 3i Plus Series infrared thermometer i
Raytek Raynger?? 3i Plus Series infrared thermometer i

SANTA CRUZ CA, USA ??? Raytek?? has introduced the Raynger?? 3i Plus Series infrared?? (IR) thermometer.

This new generation Raynger?? 3i Plus IR thermometer is designed in accordance with industry standards to meet process performance requirements in hot environments of 400???3000 ??C (752-5432 ??F) and provides exceptional accuracy.

The portable Raynger 3i Plus IR thermometer is ideal for use in high-temperature industrial applications, such as iron and steel, metal refining, foundry and processing operations, ceramics, semiconductors, and chemical and petrochemical furnaces, as well as heat treatment and power plants.

is a robust solution for improving process quality and productivity, resulting in improved business performance.

According to Raytek Product Manager, Dr. Martin Budweg, the Raynger 3i Plus Series offers a number of advanced features to optimize performance with high accuracy (??0.5% +1 ??C), such as high optical resolution, faster exposure/processing time and a large memory capacity.

???The Raynger 3i Plus sets a new industry standard for the measurement of process temperatures, especially under extreme conditions,??? Budweg said.

???The thermometer utilizes a rugged casing material that has withstood a one-meter drop test. This protects the unit from damage and possible replacement costs. Additionally, the use of a ???Red Nose??? heat-resistant warning detector and alarm reduces the risk of the sensor overheating ??? minimizing repair costs ??? while averting costly accidents and ensuring operator safety.???

Budweg added, ???The Raynger 3i Plus provides large optical resolution and a superior Distance-to-Spot (D:S) ratio, enabling accurate measurement of temperature targets from longer distances, and with its Red Dot sighting feature, the user has a precise indication of where the temperature is being measured.???

The Raynger 3i Plus Series models 1M and 2M meet a wide range of process temperature detection and fault previewing requirements.

Their enhanced ease-of-use features include:

  • intuitive user-interface for easy parameter setup,
  • ergonomically designed comfort grip,
  • accurate targeting when high-temperature targets are not visible using laser sighting alone, and
  • rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries for longer operational cycles of 24-hours.

In addition, the??Raynger?? 3i Plus features fast and easy transfer of data to PC or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, a mobile application (see below) for quick data transfer and collaboration, and can be used as a temporary online thermometer.

Each Raynger?? 3i Plus?? thermometer includes:

  • Raytek DataTemp?? Windows PC software, that supports real-time communication, data storage, graphing and analysis;
  • Lithium-ion battery;
  • Carrying case;
  • USB port adapter;
  • Mini USB-to-jack converter for charging battery separately; and
  • Operators manual.

For more information, please visit the Raytek website at

Screen Shot Raynger Mobile App IconRaytek’s iOS mobile app enables Raynger 3i Plus Series users to:

  • Monitor temperature changes in real-time and photograph test points.
  • Download basic test data and send mail to user.
  • Download profile test data and send mail to user.

About Raytek

Headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, Raytek, a Fluke company, is the worldwide leader in noncontact temperature measurement. Raytek designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of infrared (IR) temperature measurement instruments for industrial, maintenance and quality control applications. Raytek distributes its products worldwide with subsidiaries located in Europe and China.

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