NEW two-part pyro for high temp targets & metals

PyroMini 2.2 By Calex

PyroMini 2.2Leighton Buzzard, UK   —  The PyroMini 2.2 combines the unique interface and output features of the PyroMini with a short-wavelength spectral response.

It is ideal for demanding industrial applications where the target temperature is very high, or where the target surface has a low emissivity, like many metals.

Applications include the following:

  • Steel industry

    Short-wavelength 2.2 ?m sensors are better-suited to measuring steel surface temperature than general-purpose 8 to 14 ?m models. Contact Calex for advice on measurement locations on annealing lines, furnaces, rolling mills and railway rail manufacturing.

  • Food Industry

    Hot stainless steel surfaces above 100 °C can be measured quickly and accurately with the PyroMini 2.2. Applications include burner control in conveyor ovens and dryers.

  • Paper

    Dryer cylinder surface temperatures exceeding 100 °C (such as in linerboard manufacturing) may be measured directly with the PyroMini 2.2. See also the PyroUSB 2.2 for temperatures below 100 °C (in the manufacture of finer paper types).

The PyroMini 2.2 may be used in many more applications than those listed above. For more information on using this sensor in your application, or for help in choosing the most suitable model, please contact Calex.

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