Non-Contact Temperature Sensors for Refrigerated Foods

rt5_lWatertown MA, USA — Exergen Corporation has introduced the new IRt/c.3X-RF for measuring the temperature of refrigerated foods via non-contact means.

The new IRt/c.3X-RF is a standard IRt/c.3X specially calibrated for the temperature range of 0 ??? 100 Degrees F, with an inline transmitter that has a drift free analog output of 0-10V .

The sensor and transmitter are the world’s only stainless steel, hermetically sealed, with a NEMA 4X and IP67 rating that can be immersible during wash down, which is a must in the food processing world.

Controlling temperature in a process by measuring food products with non-contact means helps avoid cross contamination.

Industries where this sensor can be used are meat, poultry, bakery, beverage, and pharmaceutical. Whether you are forming a hamburger patty, mixing dough, monitoring frozen poultry, pasteurizing milk, or chilling beer and wine, the IRt/c.3X-RF is qualified to handle the task.

Please contact Bob Harris at 617.923.9900, ext 6238 to order a demonstration device or to set up a live presentation from your local representative.

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