Fiber optic IR Thermometer for hot metals

5 ms fast response time – programmable as 1 or 2 color device – built in laser aiming and more…


Ortenburg, Germany — Introducing the thermoMETER CT ratio from MICRO-EPSILON . It has been especially designed for measurements on hot metals with short acquisition time and a passive sensor.

– 5 ms fast temperature measurements of hot objects
– Due to ratio principle insensitive to certain dust and partially observed targets; in general suppression of object emissivity changes
– Rugged sensing head withstands 250??C without cooling
– High optical resolution up to 80:1 with variable focus optics
– Built in laser marks the actual spot size at any distance
– Programmable 1 or 2 color mode

Measuring ranges: 700 – 1800 ??C (1292 – 3272 ??F)
Optics: 60:1 or 80:1 (See data sheet – downloadable as a 134 kbyte pdf file by clicking here)
Spectral range: 0.7 – 1.1 ??m

Comes complete with CompactConnect Software by MICRO-EPSILON
– Software for easy sensor setup and remote controlling, supports multi tasking
– Graphic display for temperature trends and automatic data logging for analysis and documentation with 5 ms response time
– Adjustment of signal processing functions and programming of outputs and functional inputs of the sensor
– The software CompactConnect allows to customize the sensor to application needs of the user

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