Pocket Size Infrared Thermometer

OMEGA’s OS-PEN9 with Circlular Laser Pointer

OS-PEN9Online  —  OMEGA’s OS-PEN9 offers an array of features packaged in a pocket size infrared thermometer.

These features include: 9:1 optical ratio with circular laser, an ergonomic double injection casing for comfortable holding and measuring, and a backlit LCD.

Just point, press, and read the display.

The easy-to-use interface offers simple operation for a variety of applications.

Summary Specs

Range: -33 to 500 °C (-27 to 932 °F)
Response Time: 1 second
Field of View (Distance to Spot): 9:1 optics ratio
Function: Hold, minimum and maximum
Emissivity: 0.95 fixed
Battery: 1 “AA”
Battery Life: 30 hours continuous use

Note: Comes complete with pocket size infrared thermometer with circle laser, 1 “AA” battery, and operator’s manual.