Precision Non-contact Temps of Bright/Shiny Materials

NEW Metis M3 Pyrometers


Franklin Lakes NJ, USA — – Process Sensors Corporation introduces its newest high resolution 16 bit, Metis, “single color” sensor series for non-contact temperature measurement with relatively short wavelength spectral ranges

Designed primarily for precise measurements on metals and bright/shiny materials, the M3 trio of Models M309, M316 and M318 features wide temperature ranges and the highest accuracy and repeatability available, even at high temperatures, and at up to 176 °F ambient temperature without cooling.

The Metis M3 pyrometers are each stand-alone, self-contained infrared thermometers with on-board temperature display & direct analog and digital outputs for easy integration into existing PLC, DCS, digital indicators & recording devices.

The three models have different spectral ranges (0.7-1.1 µm, 1.45-1.80 µm and 1.65-2.10 µm) with wide temperature ranges.

Model M309‘s six temperature ranges span from 550 to 3300 °C, Model M316‘s five ranges extend from 200 to 3300 °C, and Model 318‘s two ranges cover from 100 to 1300 °C.

Additionally, any temperature sub-range is adjustable within the overall temperature ranges of all three M3 models.

The multifunction series offers a choice of manually adjustable, motorized or fixed focus optics.

A choice of three sighting methods is available:

  • thru-lens sighting with adjustable attenuation filter,
  • red laser targeting light, and
  • high dynamic color CCD camera /video output.

Models M309, M316 and M318 boast fast response times of less than 1 millisecond, adjustable up to 10 seconds.

Two analog output signals can be set (0-20 mA or 4-20 mA) individually, with switchable RS232 or RS485 serial interfaces as standard.

Parameter settings can be made with push buttons on the devices via the menu display, through serial interface, supplied PC software or self-compiled communications programs to control emissivity, transmission, sub-ranges, response time, outputs, interfaces and language.

Detailed specification information can be found at

Process Sensors Corporation offers the widest range of high performance, non-contact infrared temperature sensors, thermal imaging / thermal line scanning systems, and blackbody calibration sources to meet the most demanding on-line industrial process applications as well as sensitive OEM performance requirements.

Process Sensors Corporation, PSC, has been manufacturing process sensing equipment since 1995. PSC is very fortunate to have experienced application specialists who can provide unique solutions for both temperature and moisture applications. We have learned to combine product training, installation guidance assistance, and ongoing technical and commercial support to effectively address our customers’ needs.

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