Range of Cyclops portable thermometers expanded

Now Includes 6 Models

Cyclops 160B+ used as a transfer standard
Cyclops 160B+ used as a transfer standard

Dronfield, UK & Pittsburgh PA, USA — LAND has revised its entire range of Cyclops portable infrared thermometers, which includes the new models, the Cyclops 100B+ and the 160B+. All new Cyclops thermometers now have Bluetooth wireless technology as standard.

The complete range now includes:

Cyclops 100B, a general purpose, high temperature, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 550 to 3000 ??C/ 1022 to 5432 ??F.

Cyclops 160B, a general purpose, medium temperature, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 200 to 1400 ??C/392 to 2552 ??F.

Cyclops 055B Meltmaster, a dedicated high precision, portable, noncontact thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of liquid metal temperatures in the range 1000 to 2000 ??C / 1832 to 3632 ??F.

Cyclops 390B FurnacePro, has a unique wavelength-sensitivity feature to see through combustion atmospheres making it the ideal instrument for accurate non contact temperature measurements in hydrocarbon-fueled furnaces in the range 450 to 1400 ??C/842 to 2552 ??F

New to the Range

Cyclops 100B+ and 160B+ are new models to the range and have been designed for use as transfer standard instruments.

The Cyclops 100B+ and 160B+ are the latest evolution in the Cyclops range. They are visually very similar to any other Cyclops instrument.

However, additional work has gone into each of these instruments with updated firmware and a more rigorous calibration. The results are an instrument with the required stability to resolve temperatures in 0.1 ??C increments (See image above).

More online at: www.landinst.com/infrared/products/cyclops-160b-and-cyclops-100b-high-resolution-portables.

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In June 2006 LAND became part of the Process & Analytical Instruments Division of AMETEK, Inc., a global supplier of high-end analytical instrumentation, with headquarters in Paoli, Pennsylvania, USA. AMETEK has approximately 10,000 employees, with over 60 plants and 60 sales and service operations in the USA and more than 30 other countries.

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