RedEdge-M Multispectral Camera System


Online — MicaSense helps agriculture specialists and companies make the right decisions for their fields through high quality data from our RedEdge sensor and informed analytics in Atlas.

The RedEdgeM is the rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor that captures five specific wavebands for accurate plant health analysis.

It’s one of the most flexible solutions on the market—and its compact size and low weight enable it to be integrated with a wide variety of unmanned aircraft systems.

With 1G Ethernet speeds for quick data transfer, removable Wi-Fi attachments, optimized GSD, a downwelling light sensor, a low power requirement, global shutter for distortion-free images, and platform-agnostic data, this sensor is a multispectral powerhouse.

MicaSense was founded by 3 experts in the unmanned systems and sensors industry, with a combined 30 years of experience and a proven track record in product and software development. We understand that professional unmanned systems are much more than toys. We started MicaSense to bring this expertise to the commercial imaging market and revolutionize the data gathered by commercial unmanned systems.

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