Satellite Imagery App Goes Mobile

“The World in Your Hands”

The World in Your Hands: Satellite Imagery App Goes Mobile
The VIIRS low-light imager, known as the day-night band, can detect objects roughly 100 times dimmer than previous technology.

Online — Raytheon presented a mobile version of its VIIRS View app, a program that delivers stunning new satellite pictures of Earth, during the Space Symposium in Colorado last week

The app, now available on iTunes and the Google Play Store, allows users to spin a virtual version of Earth.

They can see concentrations of chlorophyll in the oceans, check out electric light patterns using Raytheon???s unique day-night band, or simply take in the view on your Android, iPhone or iPad

The app???s imagery comes from the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) aboard the Suomi NPP satellite.

The sensor collects data in 22 bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. VIIRS View shows three of these data sets: visible light, the day-night band and chlorophyll concentrations.

Users can change the levels of each dataset by adjusting the bars under tiny globes at the bottom of the screen.

They can zoom in by clicking, or get more information about what they are seeing by selecting the “i” icon. You can take in the view on your Android, iPhone or iPad

Raytheon is currently building a second VIIRS sensor for the Joint Polar Satellite System program.

???VIIRS represents the next generation of space-based weather and environmental forecasting technology,??? said Jeff Puschell, senior engineering fellow with Raytheon Space Systems.

???With higher spatial resolution across a wider swath compared to legacy systems, VIIRS is being used by meteorologists to make more accurate and timely weather predictions.???

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