SchoolScanIR??? Launched by Stockton IR

On Roof Moisture Survey
On Roof Moisture Survey
Moisture Intrusion Scanning
Moisture Intrusion Scanning

Randleman NC, USA — Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc., (SITS) announces the launch of SchoolScanIR???, a service line created to detect moisture in the ceilings, walls, and roofs of school facilities by utilizing infrared thermography.

Moisture intrusion is a serious problem for the building owner and the number one problem in construction defect lawsuits.

It can shorten the life of the structure, increase the heating and cooling costs and adversely affect the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the building.

Building owners may not smell, hear or see clues to a building problem until, for instance, a huge stain appears on the wall, ceiling or floor as a result of water intrusion.

Window leaks, door leaks and roof leaks as well as cracked foundations, defective plumbing, cracked or delaminated stucco or EIFS, structural deficiencies, and improperly installed mechanical and electrical equipment are also frequently the causes of moisture problems and the subjects of building investigations.

Under varying conditions building components show differences in temperature because of differences in mass, moisture content and heat transfer.

Moisture on building surfaces can be seen with an infrared (IR) imager because moisture causes changes in the surface characteristics of building materials, usually as a result of evaporative cooling (since surface temperatures cool below that of the dry adjacent surfaces) and because absorbed moisture increases the mass of dry building materials. Infrared thermography can detect and document these conditions very efficiently and effectively.

???Moisture and its results are a huge concern for schools as they have an obligation to protect their students,??? states Greg Stockton, President and founder of SITS.

???Our services enable school maintenance and facility professionals to locate moisture in ceilings, floors and walls in order to prevent mold and other consequences,??? he concludes.

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Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is an industry leader and innovator of infrared thermographic applications. SchoolScanIR??? was created to provide moisture detection solutions specifically for schools. The moisture detection services include SchoolSystemScanIR??? which provides aerial surveys of roofs, as well as on-roof moisture surveys and building surveys. Other available services include heat loss surveys, masonry wall quality assurance surveys, and electrical mechanical predictive maintenance surveys.

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