Sea Surface Temperature (SST) User Workshop on Uncertainties

Venue: Met Office, Exeter, UK | Date: 18-20 November 2014

EarthTemp-LogoOnline?? –?? Inspired by discussions at the first EarthTemp Network meeting, there is planned?? a discussion meeting on SST uncertainties.

SST Members hope that these discussions will also provide useful information for other types of surface temperature.

This workshop will be a two-way discussion between Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data providers and users and aims to create a common understanding of:

  • where uncertainty in sea surface temperature measurements comes from;
  • how to talk about it; how well the uncertainty information that is provided with SST products addresses users?? needs; and
  • how to practically use such uncertainty information.

It will achieve this through a mixture of oral and poster presentations, activities and group discussions.

They encourage all SST data users to come to the workshop if are concerned about the uncertainties inherent in them, or want to contribute to ensuring they are better communicated, or are interested to use the information to inform your own research.

Please register for the workshop by 17th October by visiting

If you are interested, but cannot commit on this times, the EarthTemp community because you need to obtain permission to attend, please register your interest by emailing Nick Rayner ( with the subject “SST CCI user workshop”.

The aims of the meeting are to:

* Exchange information about uncertainties in SST observations;
* Create new expert SST users who, through publication of their work,
can inspire others to take uncertainty information into account;
* Source requirements from SST users on uncertainty information and
other aspects of the Climate Data Records;
* Spread best practice through a follow-on meeting report or journal

The workshop is being run as part of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative SST project, but could also be relevant to non-climate users of SST.

Further information is available online at:

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