TEMPMEKO 2013 Call for Papers (CFP) is Open

Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science 14-18 October 2013
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Call For papers of TEMPMEKO 2013, that will be held in Funchal, Madeira on 14- 18 October 2013.

All the information is available also online at: www.tempmeko2013.pt

The event is organized by SPMet, Portuguese Society of Metrology and by RELACRE, Portuguese Network of Accredited Laboratories Association, with the support of IMEKO TC12, of the Madeira Autonomous Regional Authorities and of IPQ, Portuguese Institute for Quality, the Portuguese NMI.

The abstract template and complete information about the electronic abstract submission process can be found at www.tempmeko2013.pt

The Proceedings of TEMPMEKO 2013 will be published in Special Issues of the International Journal of Thermophysics (IJOT). The submission of conference presentations for possible publication in the IJOT is encouraged, but it is not mandatory.

Submitted manuscripts will be peer reviewed according to the rules of the journal.

TEMPMEKO 2013 Dates

First call for papers: 1st December 2012

Abstracts due: 28th February 2013

Notification of acceptance: 30th April 2013

Submission of papers: 30th June 2013

Start of registration: 31st January 2013

Conference start: 14th October 2013

Author Guidelines


Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract in Word format describing original work that has not been published elsewhere. This WORD document should be used as a template for the abstract. Authors must identify the topic that the presentation addresses and their preference for either an oral or a poster presentation. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 28th February 2013. The Tempmeko2013 editors will review the abstracts and notify the authors of their acceptance by 30th April 2013.

Abstracts must be submitted through the conference management software system, OpenConf: www.tempmeko2013.pt/openconf/openconf.php.


T1 – Fundamental Aspects and Standards

T1.1 – Thermodynamic Temperature Determinations

T1.2 – Boltzmann Constant Determinations

T1.3 – Temperature Scales

T1.4 – Fixed Points (metal, gas, metal-carbon, water TP)

T1.5 – Humidity and Moisture Standards

T2 – Methods and Sensors

T2.1 – Thermoelectric Thermometry (noble, base, W-Re)

T2.2 – Resistance Thermometry (incl. thermistors)

T2.3 – Radiation Thermometry (incl. blackbodies)

T2.4 – Noise Thermometry

T2.5 – Acoustic Thermometry

T2.6 – Hygrometers and Moisture Sensors

T2.7 – Phosphor Thermometry

T2.8 – Other Methods and Sensors (incl. liquid-in-glass)

T3 – Thermophysical Properties and Standard Reference Materials

T3.1 – Water Vapour Pressure

T3.2 – Interaction of Water with Other Substances

T3.3 – Moisture Profile and Transport

T3.4 – Emissivity

T3.5 – Thermal Diffusivity, Conductivity, Electrical Resistivity, Heat Capacity

T3.6 – Other Thermophysical Properties

T4 – Traceability and Dissemination

T4.1 – Inter-laboratory Comparisons

T4.2 – Calibration Procedures

T4.3 – Uncertainty Estimation

T4.4 – Instrumentation and Facilities

T4.5 – Accreditation and Proficiency Testing

T4.6 – Software and Data Processing

T5 – Applications of Temperature, Humidity, Moisture and Other Thermal Measurements

T5.1 – Control and Automation

T5.2 – Dynamic and Transient Measurements

T5.3 – Surface Temperature Measurement

T5.4 – Gas and Flame Temperature Measurement

T5.5 – Industrial Processing Applications

T5.6 – Medical and Biological Measurements

T5.7 – Environmental Measurements

T5.8 – Climate and Weather Applications

T5.9 – Other Applied Thermal Measurements