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Torino, Italy — TEMPMEKO 2013, the Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science will be held in Madeira Island from 14th to 18th October 2013.

It will be hosted by SPMet, the Portuguese Metrology Society and RELACRE, the Portuguese Network of Accredited Laboratories . It will be cosponsored by?? IPQ, the Portuguese Institute of Quality, Madeira Autonomic Regional Government and Madeira University.

The first call for papers of this Conference is expected to be issued in October 2012.

The organizational work is running smoothly and it is ongoing the contract with a five stars hotel with a Congress Centre, the CS Congress Centre of Madeira Atlantic Resort & Sea Spa, that proposes a very suitable infrastructure for large events with a good exhibition zone and last but not the least a beautiful location.

Also in a walking distance there are several hotels with a different number of stars and convenient prices.

The CS Congress Centre of Madeira Atlantic Resort & Sea Spa is located in the south coast of the Madeira Island which benefits from an exclusive oceanfront position.

Madeira, known as the Atlantic ???pearl??? is about one hour flight from Lisbon. It is a well known tourist destination with friendly people and a good infrastructure for events. The organizing committee intends to offer you a pleasant and memorable event.

Communication and news is from an article by Eduarda Filipe in the January 2012 Newsletter IMEKO TC12.

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