Test Confirm that Dexter Research Detectors Perform to MIL-Spec


ST150 Silicon Based Thermopile Detector: 1 Channel
ST150 Silicon Based Thermopile Detector: 1 Channel

Dexter MI, USA — For thirty-five years, Dexter Research thin-film infrared detectors have been the most reliable and durable solution for non-contact infrared sensing. Withstanding up to 1000 G???s of mechanical shock and 30 G???s of random vibration, these tiny wonders can provide non-contact temperature sensing accuracy up to 0.1 ??C.

No wonder Dexter detectors have been frequent passengers on NASA Space Shuttle flights and served as the chosen detector for military combat vehicle and combat aircraft fire suppression systems.

Now intensive MIL-STD-883H testing performed by Trialon Corporation, an independent testing facility, confirms that Dexter Research???s silicon-based detector family meets the same rugged requirements of 1000G for mechanical shock and 30 G in random vibration.?? See Dexter’s report here.

The MIL-STD-883H MIL-spec testing protocol establishes rigorous uniform methods, controls and procedures to test microelectronic devices for their suitability for use in military and aerospace electronic systems. The testing also determines survivability in the harsh environmental conditions that characterize military and space missions.

???This testing demonstrates that Dexter Research has been able to transfer its industry-leading reliability, durability and performance to its next generation silicon infrared detectors,??? said Rob Toth, President of Dexter Research.

Dexter Products that set this benchmark for MIL-Spec reliability and durability are Models ST-60, ST-120, ST-150 and S60.

All testing at Trialon is supported by a signed Test Report outlining the equipment name, model number, calibration due date, tolerance, setup, and method of test. All tests were performed at prevailing site altitude, at a room temperature of 20 ??5 ??C (68 ??9 ??F). Humidity temperature cycle testing was in accordance with MIL-Spec 810C.

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