The Evolution Of Infrared Sensing

Introducing the MD Series Temperature Sensor Module

Dexter MI, USA — A low cost solution for non-contact temperature measurements from Dexter Research. The sensor is integrated with signal conditioning that reliably produces a calibrated linear digital output in a plug-and-play package having many options.

Programmable outputs and flexible power requirements yield a turnkey solution for medical, consumer, commercial and industrial applications.
Traditional IR detector voltage output is in the microvolt range requiring specialized electronics to minimize noise, readout electronics, calibration and compensation for system integration.

Using the integrated ASIC with Dexter Research detectors inside the TO-5 can;

  • Electronics is placed at the detector, greatly reducing electrical noise.
  • Temperature measurements now in digital format
  • System integration time and expertise is reduced
  • Less OEM time to market
  • Lower system costs
  • Smaller footprint
  • Calibrated output from factory
  • System Flexibility

Click here for the Temperature Module Datasheet (PDF)

Also Available – Temperature Sensor Module Evaluation Kits

The evaluation kit is designed to support the Temperature Sensor Module, quickly allowing customers to configure the module for different temperature ranges, optics, etc. to find the best configuration to meet their application needs without the need to design any additional hardware.

The communication between PC and the evaluation board is accomplished via USB.

The evaluation board is pre-programmed with USB, a bootloader and demonstration firmware.

The Evaluation Kit contains the following items:

  • A standard USB cable for use in communication with the board,
  • 1 piece MD-0003 Temperature Sensor Module (single zone 5V),
  • CD-ROM, containing the PC USB HID driver and evaluation software
    Quick Start guide.

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