Vol. IRW-C, 2015 Edition

Screen Shot Maxtech_logoSarasota, Florida, USA — Maxtech International, Inc. (formerly of Fairfield, Connecticut) is releasing the 2015 edition of its market research report on commercial and dual-use infrared imaging equipment markets (Vol. IRW-C).

World infrared imaging markets are poised to enter a new phase. The development of new low-cost uncooled imaging detector cores and competitive pressures are leading to lower prices in a wide range of applications from thermographic inspections to law enforcement.

At the same time, smartphone thermal imagers at prices under $200 are making the technology available to consumers who have not previously been exposed to infrared imaging.

The number of uncooled FPAs and modules shipped in 2014 increased by more than 40% (to nearly half a million devices) from the previous year. However, severe price reductions in infrared cameras have put manufacturers under severe pressure to maintain or grow revenue.

Despite these pressures, the uncooled commercial and dual-use market grew by over 13% in 2014 to $3.1 billion.

The current major application markets include:

  • Predictive Maintenance,
  • Building Inspection,
  • R&D,
  • Process Control,
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT),
  • Fire Fighting,
  • Automotive Night Vision,
  • Aircraft Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS),
  • Security/surveillance,
  • Law Enforcement/Personal Vision Systems and
  • Dual-use uncooled sights (Thermal Weapon Sights, Driver’s Vision Enhancers, etc.)

In 2014, a Consumer and Emerging application market segment emerged with the introduction of smartphone thermal imaging.

Some of these application markets fared better than others in 2014.

But they are all expected to benefit over the next five years from lower cost uncooled FPAs from detector suppliers that are establishing new partnerships with semiconductor fabs, implementing Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), Wafer Level Optics and integrating electronics functions on ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

In addition, new uncooled FPA suppliers have emerged in China, South Korea and Turkey.

At the same time, developers of novel uncooled detectors are facing an uphill battle against microbolometers with several dropping out of the race in the last two years.

Spot Infrared Thermometry sensors (radiation pyrometers or thermometers) continue to have broad acceptance in special high temperature industrial process control applications and at the very low-end in consumer markets as prices decrease.

Also as prices drop, a convergence between the imaging and spot markets is already starting to occur.

At the same time, new cooled detector technologies are being developed for high-end thermal imaging.

Developments are accelerating in superlattice detectors and high operating temperature (“HOT”) FPAs.

Special Update:


Maxtech International’s up-to-date research covers the following application areas:

  • Predictive Maintenance (electrical and mechanical condition monitoring),
  • Building/HVAC Inspection,
  • Process Control,
  • Research & Development,
  • Traditional Nondestructive Testing,
  • Law Enforcement and Personal Vision Systems (for hunters and sportsmen),
  • Medical/Biomedical,
  • Automotive Night Vision,
  • Aircraft Enhanced Vision Systems,
  • Fire Fighting, Surveillance/Security,
  • Emerging Consumer Applications (including smartphone thermal imagers) and
  • Remote Sensing (including space programs).

Dual-Use applications covered include:

  • Weapon Sights,
  • Driver’s Vision Enhancers,
  • Microsensors,
  • Airborne and Ground applications and
  • others.

However, strictly military systems (infrared missile seekers, targeting systems, etc.) are not covered in this report.

The World Market for Commercial & Dual-Use Infrared Imaging and Infrared Thermometry Equipment (Vol. IRW-C) contains over 400 pages of up-to-date market information and forecasts and is priced at $4,550.

It is only available from Maxtech (no third parties are authorized for its distribution.)

The report provides the following valuable market information:

  • The current (2014) size of individual world product markets and application markets.
  • Five-year projections in over 16 product and application markets (2015 – 2020)
  • Geographic segmentation of the overall market into the following regions: N. America, Europe,
  • Pacific Rim, Asia, Latin America, Africa &Middle East
  • The expected market growth of dual-use military IR equipment
  • The expected growth of Emerging Markets (Aircraft Enhanced Vision, Micro Sensors, etc.)
  • The expected growth in new Consumer Thermal Imaging applications including Smartphone Thermal Imagers
  • Technology trends and the effect of export controls on market growth
  • Competitive analyses and market shares
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) of infrared companies
  • Profiles of 65 suppliers of Infrared Imaging and Infrared Thermometry equipment

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