Thermal imaging camera for the glass industry

For Industrial Glass Processes From Micro-Epsilon

 thermoIMAGER  TIM-G7

Ortenburg, Germany — The new thermoIMAGER TIM G7 by Micro-Epsilon is a new, industrial thermal imaging camera specially designed for applications in the glass industry.

The narrow waveband at 7.9 ??m enables reliable measurements even on thin glass sheets without unwanted transmission loss or interference from thermal reflections.

Like all thermoIMAGER TIM cameras, the G7???s TIMConnect analysis software includes a line scan feature that enables the monitoring of thermal processes, even with moving glass tracks.

Furthermore, the thermal imaging camera provides a large temperature range from 200 ??C to 1500 ??C.

The process interface and the TIMConnect Software included in the scope of supply offer a variety of integration options for existing control systems.

Applications for the thermoIMAGER TIM G7 include glass processing and in the production of display glass.

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