ZyTemp Dual Beam + IR + TC Thermometers

Infrared Thermometer “Templorers”?? are the ultimate tools for temperature measurements


Models TN425LB(E)/ TN425LC(E) contain 2 most reliable temperature sensors:

1) Non-contact Micro Machined Thermopile and

2) K-type thermocouple socket.

They use dual laser sots to pinpoint the size of the surface being measured!

In addition, dual sensors can fulfill most temperature measurement requirements:

  • Use the Non-contact sensor for instant, not-reachable measurement situations.
  • Use the thermocouple contact sensor for high precision, surface situations.

TN425LB(E)/ TN425LC(E) Templorers also come with an ultra long battery life (8 days for Alkaline batteries). They use the most affordable and available AAA size batteries.

The following YouTube video is at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcQz8JGQLEA in the event you have a problem viewing it here.

Find Emissivity with the these models:

Emissivity is a difficult concept for general user to set the correct one – For Templorer, it’s easy.

Use the contact thermometer to get the true temperature. Then, use the Non-contact measurement to get a surface temperature. Adjust the Emissivity control until the two temperatures are the same.

Next time, use the correct Emissivity for that object. No more guess work, no more looking up on Emissivity Table and hoping the written values apply in your situation.

Templorer Features

  • Infrared up to 1500 ??C
  • Dual Lasers for better targeting
  • High DS (Distance to Spot) Ratio 50:1
  • Detailed 24 Memories with Temperature & Emissivity
  • Mini Thermocouple Socket up to 1400 ??C (optional)
  • Best Cost/Performance Ratio
  • Large LCD display with Power Backlight
  • Min, Max, Dif, Ave, Lock Modes
  • Hi/Lo Temperature Audible Alarm
  • White LED Flashlight (optional)
  • Laser/LED and Backlight On/Off Control
  • Emissivity Adjustable from 0.1 to 1.00 (Preset at 0.95)
  • ??C/??F Switch Mode
  • Magnet Stand (optional)
  • Long Battery Life with two AAA Batteries

More online at: www.zytemp.com/products/tn425LC.asp

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