Guide to Radiological Detector Selection

Online  —  FLIR Systems has published a new guidebook, which provides helpful tips for people involved with radiological detection, identification and monitoring who are looking for expert advice to help them evaluate and purchase the right tool for a deployment

Checking Thermal Infrared Camera/Pyrometer Calibration

IR Tip of The Week from Infraspection Institute Online  —  Equipment calibration can have a significant impact on the accuracy of infrared temperature measurement. In this Tip we discuss a simple technique for checking the accuracy of imaging and non-imaging

New Technologies for Data Acquisition & Control

Automotive Testing Expo – Novi, MI, USA (23-25 October 2018) Trbovlje, Slovenia — DEWESoft, the next evolution in data acquisition instrumentation, offers a full suite of hardware for in-vehicle and lab data acquisition applications. Scale-able from four to thousands of

Challenging Aspheric Lenses for Nuclear Research

At The UK’s Orion petawatt laser research facility Online —  Optical Surfaces Ltd announces that it has received an order from the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) for twelve ultra-fast focusing 370 mm diameter aspheric lenses for its Orion petawatt

How does temperature affect the gain of a silicon photomultiplier?

From the Hamamatsu August 2018 NEWSLETTER Bridgewater, NJ, USA — Many applications require the stability of a photodetector’s gain with respect to temperature changes. Here’s a technical note from Hamamatsu that discusses the origin of the gain-temperature dependence in a

Measuring moisture absorption of shells for biofuels

From the Monitor Newsletter for PC-Based Data Acquisition & Control | August 2018 Online — To try to stem global warming, the world is moving to renewable energy. One source of this is from biomass – fuel that is developed

NEW HOBOnet Field Monitoring System

Onset’s New Monitor of Field Conditions HOBOnet transforms the way you collect and view field data! With up to 50 wireless sensors streaming data back to one central, cloud-based weather station, you can now measure conditions over large areas once

New tado° V3+ Smart Thermostats

For a healthy home climate Berlin, Germany – tado° launched its new V3+ product generation at IFA Berlin on August 31st. With the heating season about to start, the tado° Smart Thermostats now let you interact with your home more

LG Innotek developing thermal infrared imaging camera module

Expects to expand the fields of application Seoul, South Korea,  – LG Innotek has announced the company is promoting the thermal imaging infrared camera module business. The company plans to build the foundation for the business early on through win-win

Non-Destructive Testing of Advanced Materials

FLIR SYSTEMS A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera Meer, Belgium  — The FLIR A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera range from FLIR Systems comes standard with Lock-In, Transient, and Pulse capabilities enabling you to undertake meticulous Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or stress mapping, resolving