EVITHERM in the ICT for Energy Efficiency competition (ICT4EE)

Support “Metrology for a sustainable growth” Before Year’s End

Dear evitherm Colleague & Friends*:

Vote for the evitherm project in the European Commission??s competition ???Information and Communication Technologies for Energy Efficiency??? (ICT4EE).

You may not have had the time to vote yet (if you have done so please ignore this message).

We would like ask you to vote for evitherm to increase the likelihood of winning the award which would mean boosting international visibility of evitherm and strengthening our activities in “Metrology for a sustainable growth”.

We appreciate your support especially at this busy time before Christmas. We trust that the voting may not take more than 15 minutes of your valuable time.

All of the 39 websites of the competing projects are listed at

The voting procedure is described at

If you have created a profile on the Information Society portal, you can log in directly on the EVITHERM competition page

Creation of a profile at the Information Society at

ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/cf/ee09/person-de.cfm?eventId=ee09 is a barrier, but registration is not too onerous as there are only six mandatory fields:

  1. Email,
  2. Login,
  3. Password,
  4. First name,
  5. Surname,
  6. Name of your organisation.

The registration process should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Once registered, the voting itself may not take more than 5 minutes.

You will be asked to rate the evitherm website on four attributes: Innovation; Societal dimension; European aspects; Website.

The voting closes on 31 December 2009. Should you have questions or have problems with the voting please contact us at editor@evitherm.org or nesvadba@rubislawconsulting.com.

Looking forward to receiving your vote and thanking you in advance for your cooperation,
With kind regards and best wishes for Christmas and New Year,

Paul Nesvadba
For the Management Committee of The evitherm Society.
* One does not need to be a resident of an evitherm country to be aware, participate and vote for evitherm; it only takes an interest in thermodynamics, sensors and metrologogy